opalmirror (opalmirror) wrote,

Apocrypha and Evolution

So, May 21 is believed by some to be the date of the second coming, when Jesus will return and lift up his believers into heaven, and the unbelievers and sinful will be cast into damnation forever.

I've seen a post-rapture looting event invitation on Facebook, and have steered away from it as it breaks my societal code for behavioral conduct, although I understand the humor in it. I too have wondered what will happen to the possessions of the believers after they are gone.

Some less things-oriented friends of mine who are non-Christian have also invited me to a relaxed backyard barbeque where we can celebrate our revelationist friends assumption into heaven and be grateful for the beautiful world we have been left.

I have felt it is quite possible that in the experience to come, for each individual, of the ending of this life, perhaps there is a feeling of rapture to come... and that we might each have our own judgment day brought upon us where all threads of our activity are wrapped up together, forever immutable... but in our inner worlds, not en masse in the shared reality.

So, I am left questioning, why do some people believe in literal marching horsemen of the apocalypse, and why do others believe in better perfecting the gifts we were each born with, in this life... unconcerned with preparing the way for heaven and hell? I really think this comes down to personal choice -- those who believe outside forces rule their lives and change them, transform them, lead them from this lowly earth to the alternate world of angels, powers with which they must align and ally and to which they must obey or be punished... versus those of us like myself who believe we are to listen to the inner voice that leads us to better life with ourselves and those around us... that the gift is in having the ability to do and make choices, to listen to and see the power radiant in each one of us.

I've oversimplified because the lesson of the personal journey coming into greater union with God's plan is a big lesson in all successful religions... and also the experience of being the conduit, a nozzle for the power of the divine is also a lesson in all popular paths... yet the dividing line I see is that some power is out there which is going to level our current society and transform it all at once... and that is what does not feel real to me.

Three days before there is a manifest answer. I will make each day count, leading up to that... and following that day, practice radical inclusivity, love for all people, recognition of the divine in each rock, stone, bird, flower, woman and man. That is the lesson that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and others have taught me.
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