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26 May 2011 @ 09:42 am
Summer planning  
It's finals crunch time... a big final project due Tuesday, and exam Wednesday, and a lot of homework. I'm excited about where school is leading me, but it does require making it a priority. Priority wrestling is on my mind, as I figure out what I'm going to do with my Summer. The contenders are school, old home, new home, and outdoor activity.

First, a sidebar of celebration: So far this year I have determined a new life direction, moved all my essential things to a new home life which is going very well, my relationship has grown so much, proving to be all I had hoped it would be, and my first term of school looks like it will be a big success. I feel happy and fulfilled!

School has gone great. Next on the program study course list are Massage I, Hydrotherapy and Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology II. I would dive into it for Summer quarter if I felt I could afford to make it my top priority. Analysis: The courses will still be there in Fall, so aside from installing a quarter of delay, I don't think it will hurt to take the quarter off if other things are more important. I can review course requirements and make sure to take one class in Summer if it eases scheduling for Fall.

Old home: Over the last eight weeks my previously-inhabited home has slipped further and further from my mind. This project has been hung up on 1) me getting my stuff out of it, and 2) some minor repairs/cleanup to prep it for sale. My friend Valerie is planning a garage sale for the next weekend, at her home in Clackamas... I thought that may be a good option, but all that has stalled due to priorities at my new home (school and unpacking are higher than old house). Analysis: I need to prioritize getting it in shape for sale. Unpacking is a lower priority than emptying and repairs so it can be marketed. I can garage sale from Katrina's place, the more local to where I sleep, the better. In the interim, storage options may help.

New home: Office, pantry, books and most of the hobby stuff are all unpacked and in use. Several additional boxes are staged for unpacking in office and kitchen, primarily. Garage, tools, and artwork also are still packed or haven't made it all here yet. Some of the packed items have been awaiting time when school and other activities are at a lull and Katrina is around (esp. for kitchen stuff).

Outdoor activity: I have a garden to dig for the dahlias, which I believe will live on the strip of land between the front yard grass and trees and the alley that goes down the South strip of the property to the neighbor's houses behind. The dahlias are awaiting their new home and soil, all here and in bags in the garage. I'm also wanting to get some time in Central Oregon soon, and later in the summer camping and backpacking.

Other stuff: I heard from my youngest niece, Carol, who is getting married in Las Vegas in mid-July... and am looking forward to joining family there. This will give Katrina a chance to meet my Las Vegas family too!

So, looks like I have my priorities together. School may have to wait a bit, but I'll be less distracted and have the house sale project underway (I hope) three months from now, and be able to study knowing that its going to get resolved. I'm very excited about this coming to pass!
dianyladianyla on May 26th, 2011 06:52 pm (UTC)
Good to hear from you, we should catch up after our respective school terms end (mine goes til second week of June).

And, I had to chuckle at the "it's finals crunch time, therefore I must plan the next 3 months of my life" impulse. I'm all too familiar with this sort of pencil-sharpening, and I really do mean that in an affectionate "leopard knows another's spots" way. *hugs*
opalmirroropalmirror on May 26th, 2011 08:43 pm (UTC)
Oh noes! Bih prozhekt due! Must dystrakt! Rilly!

Fortunately, it's not like that. It's *is* time to review my assumptions and expectations for this quarter, see what's worked well and what worked too well, and what has been left unaccomplished... And come up with a plan. I would PREFER to be in school over summer, but I'd prefer showing off the house in summer more and getting those bills and mortgage off my back.

Sharpen pointy pencils will make life more meaningful, as I near the conclusion of one chapter I must think of the next so I don't have a crisis later. It has been months since I've looked at my life changes gantt chart, and I think there are a lot of completed tasks... Planning tools are good! And I'm making great progress on homework, even today. :)
Beckyfear_n_loathing on May 28th, 2011 04:19 am (UTC)
"Analysis" :P

I am glad you are at a good place in life :).