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The other side of the opal mirror

Born in California, but Oregonian most my life. My Dad shared with me love of antiques and restoration, old cars, HAM radio, Oregon's wild places, engineering, science, and technology. My Mom raised me Catholic, healthy, and in a stable home. My older brother and sisters gave me love and encouragement and their teen explorations of art, pop culture, the Beatles, love of learning, environmentalism, and progressive rock helped make me the liberal humanist I am today. I loved the small city of progressive, laid-back Corvallis as a kid, radical artsy Eugene and energetic Portland as an adult. I now live in a sleepy community where the Willamette Valley meets the Western Cascade Range. College taught me computer science and I have had an embedded software career, starting in UNIX, then DOS and 8-bit, then VxWorks, and now Linux. I love engineering and technology almost as much now as I adore the beauty and fragility of our world and our universe, and almost as much as I care about the plight of my fellow humans. Love one another.
8-bit, ambient, animals, anthropology, arabica, art film, art nouveau, baking, beer, belize, biking, biology, bisexuality, book stores, brewing, british columbia, burning man, camping, canada, carl sagan, cascade, cascadia, cats, cheese, chocolate, community, compassion, computers, conservation, cooking, critical thinking, cuddling, dalai lama, dance, dining, dinosaurs, documentary, doumbek, ecology, edward gorey, embedded, endangered species, engineering, environment, fair trade, feline asthma, flying karamazov brothers, forest, free software, freedom of expression, gardening, gblt, geeks, geology, geomorphology, guitar, health, hiking, hippies, historical geology, home improvement, honesty, hot springs, hot tubs, humanism, independent media, intelligence, jack of all trades, karma, kboo, kokopelli, land forms, land use, learning, liberal, life, life-cycle cost, linux, lists, literati, love, men, middle east, mountains, music, new zealand, nonfiction, npr, open source, optimism, oregon, organic, oscar wilde, outdoors, pacific north west, pacific northwest, pacifism, pagan, peace, photography, poetry, political essays, politics, polyamory, portland, powerpc, pragmatism, privacy, progressive, raqs sharqi, reading, real-time, relationships, research, road cuts, roadtrips, robots, rockets, salmon, science, scorpio, scrabble, sharing, singing, sleeping, socialism, software, spacecraft, spiritual, stanley kubrik, stephen jay gould, sushi, sustainability, tarot, teasing, thinking, travel, understanding, volcanoes, volcanology, voting, vxworks, washington, wilderness, wildflowers, wildlife, wine, women, writing, yoga